10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

March 11, 2021, Beijing, China - oppo officially released the flagship find of color image today

X3 series, through the definition of higher standards for color, screen, photo, design, to achieve the new possibility of high-end flagship mobile phones. Find

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

The X3 series has the first full link 10bit color engine, the first group of 1billion color dual main cameras, and the upgraded 1billion color color progressive screen, which has ushered in a new 1billion color experience era. To create a unique integration form with “impossible surface”, find

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

The X3 image mirror group is integrated with the whole back without any breakpoints. The future streamline design is full of future sense and detail texture. Equipped with the flagship 5g mobile platform of Xiaolong and integrated with innovative technologies such as 65W super flash charging 2.0 and 30W Wireless Flash charging exclusive by oppo, find

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

The X3 series is easy to handle even when faced with harsh application scenarios.

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

“Find is the flagship product of oppo, which undoubtedly provides the most advanced technology, technology and best use experience for users,” said Liu Li, vice president and global marketing president of oppo. Oppo hopes find will illuminate the spiritual world of users with scientific and technological power, and work with users to feel and discover more beautiful and imaginative life. As the “ten-year ideal work” released in the decade of the find series, we provide the findx3 with a standard 1billion color dual master picture and a billion color 120Hz intelligent dynamic color achieving color screen. No matter what choice, we will bring unprecedented color experience for users

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

Liu Li, vice president of oppo and President of global marketing

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

The oppo find X3 series includes find X3 pro and find X3. Find X3 Pro is equipped with the Xiaolong 888 mobile platform,

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

The price of 8256gb version is 5499 yuan, 12256gb is 5999 yuan, 16512gb is 6999 yuan. Find X3 is equipped with the Xiaolong 870 mobile platform,

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

8128gb is sold for 4499 yuan and 8256gb is 4999 yuan. The reservation will be accepted from now on and will be fully open online and offline on March 19.

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

64 times color upgrade, unprecedented sensory shock

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

Find as the flagship of color image

10 years of ideal color image flagship oppo find X3 series release

The X3 series is equipped with the first full link 10bit color engine, which runs through shooting, coding, storage, decoding and display for the first time, realizing a real one billion color complete experience, bringing 64 times the color performance of traditional mobile phones, recording the most delicate colors for users and achieving the most accurate reduction display. Of which, find

X3 series is the first smart phone with 10bit deep color image support for wide-angle lens, ultra wide-angle lens and long focus lens, which helps users to shoot 1billion color outstanding pictures in various scenes.


The X3 series has innovative one billion color dual master photos, which is the first image system with the same specifications for ultra wide angle and wide angle sensor in the industry. Both sensors adopt the flagship imx766 jointly developed by oppo and Sony, with

11.56 inch sensitive area allows users to shoot the best quality without considering the primary and secondary points of the camera.

This is also the first time the flagship imx766 sensor is applied to the ultra wide angle camera. In combination with the free surface lens developed by oppo, the distortion problem is solved to the maximum extent while the 110.3 ° super primary vision is realized, so that the findx3 series can provide the most powerful super wide angle photographing capability at present.

Oppofindx3 Pro ultra wide angle sample sheet

Findx3 also innovates the first 60 times microscopes in the industry, which can show the microscopic world that can not be seen by the naked eye, such as the texture of flowers or the skin state of users.

Sample of oppofindx3 Pro microscope Butterfly

Video shooting ability has also been greatly improved in findx3 series, which can meet more professional application scenarios. The new film mode supports HDR video shooting with 4K resolution bt2020 color domain of 10bit color depth, and supports log shooting, greatly improves the quality of video painting and supports greater post creation space. Based on HDR video recording, oppo also connected Weibo and B station to upload, edit and play 10bithdr video on the mobile phone for the first time, helping users to easily make and share top-level 10bit quality in one stop

HDR video.

1billion color and color screen, realizing 2k120hz freedom


The x 3 series’s 1billion color Zhen screen supports 10bit native display for the first time, which can restore amazing color accuracy. With the QHD resolution 6.7-inch screen size, the findx3 series offers the most outstanding display effect. Find

The X3 series screens also received a rating from displaymate, a professional evaluation agency, and maintained 12 records in the fine score.

In addition, find

X3 series supports 120Hz intelligent dynamic frame rate for the first time, which can realize the refresh rate of 120 files without sense adjustment in the range of 5-120hz, and realize smooth and power saving effect according to the user’s use scene automatic adaptation screen refresh rate. Find with smart dynamic frame rate compared to previous generation products

The X3 can reduce the power consumption of the screen by up to 46. The duration of the X3 in the bright screen state can be extended for up to 43 minutes, allowing users to enjoy the sensory upgrade brought by the 100 billion color 120Hz color progressive color screen without pressure.


X3 also has a self-developed O1 super sense painting quality engine, which brings VIP level painting quality enjoyment to users. O1 super quality engine supports the enhancement of 480p video quality super-cleaning to nearly 960p. In addition, HDR video quality enhancement also supports rendering SDR video on mainstream video platform into a similar effect to HDR video.

Arousing emotion and feeling with color

Based on 10bit color depth, oppo, through the research of “memory color Engineering” with the color Laboratory of the innovation center of Zhejiang University oppo, launched AI scene color function in findx3 series for the first time, including more than 20 color modes, which can find the relationship between emotion and color based on scene and color temperature detection, and match the most suitable tone for users.

Oppo also works with director Jiang Wen to find

Two exclusive film filters are built on the X3. The first filter of Jiangwen film can display the sunny and warm memories; while the second filter of Jiangwen film can achieve more artistic image narration through black and white filter with color feeling.

Sample filter No.1 of oppofindx3 Pro Jiangwen film

In addition to helping all users express themselves better through color, findx3 series also helps users with color perception disorders understand the world better through color technology. OPPO Find

X3 series supports color vision enhancement for the first time, including more than 700 color vision schemes, which enables mobile phones to match corresponding display schemes according to the user’s color sense test results, and helps color perception impaired people to identify picture information more efficiently and solve practical problems in life.

Impossible surface, deduce the mystery of space

The integration of art and technology lies in the design of exciting details and the restoration of the aesthetic feeling of future technology. Each generation of find presents the aesthetic feeling of future technology with elegant curve design language.

This time, oppo uses the infinite possibility of curve elements in find

X3 series, create “impossible surfaces” from the future. Findx3 series is the first product designed by oppo by lattice. Through more than 2000 control points and art level hot forging technology, the common segmentation between camera area and fuselage is no longer present, and the light can flow smoothly on the integrated surface of natural intersection, without breaking point, no distortion, better grip feeling of the whole machine, and free from the trouble of ash accumulation.

Above that, find

X3 series has four color matching methods: Mirror Black, condensing white, fog blue and cosmos mocha. The mirror black plate adopts the high quality oc0 inner surface coating technology and spray ink technology, so that the glass back cover presents the same mirror texture as ceramic glaze. The new generation of light mute integrated technology is adopted for the white and fog blue, which adds a kind of flexibility to the frosting texture of glass. The cosmos Mocha version is made of environmental friendly plain skin, which is naturally integrated with the metal sensing ring mirror group.

Even with complex processes and robust hardware configurations, find

X3 series is also a “light” flagship, the thickness of the whole machine is 8.26 mm, weight is as light as 193g, providing the right light and thin hand.

All around performance, wake up flagship model

As the most powerful find series ever, find X3 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 888 mobile platform and 12gb ram25gb

ROM storage combination brings about a significant peak performance improvement. Find

X3 series also uses ultra-thin VC liquid cooling module across the main board and battery area, which brings more excellent heat dissipation performance. 4500mAh battery with 65W super flash (up to 40 in 10 minutes), 30W

Wireless Flash (80 minutes to 100) provides a better life and more efficient charging experience for findx3.

Find to meet the users’ demanding requirements for game scenes

X3 series also launched oppo self research o-sync over frequency response technology, which can increase the synchronization frequency between screen and processor in the game to 3 times, and the delay is reduced from 30-40ms to 5-10ms. At present, it has been adapted to QQ flying vehicle, King glory, peace elite and call of mission.

In addition, the find X3 series also features the latest coloros 11.2 system, which promotes the experience of high-end flagship mobile phones to a new height through more humanized innovation experience. ColorOS

11.2 further enhanced the multi-terminal interconnection function, not only can it connect data and functions seamlessly with IOT equipment, but also realize interconnection with intelligent vehicles such as ideal vehicles, and provide a new way of mutual integration. Oppo also works with Hollywood’s top music guru Hans

Zimmer cooperates to customize the sound effects of ringing tone, music and alarm for findx3 series, so that users can experience the atmosphere of top-level music in daily use.

In addition, coloros

11.2 it also brings more intelligent and convenient new functions, including the light and simple page, focusing on the global search without burden; the fingerprint quick start of the direct calling out of the car code or the direct code scanning; the one key flash connection function close to the intelligent device, etc.

Price and time to market

Oppo find X3 series offers find X3 pro and find

X3 is optional, with a consistent integrated design, and standard with 1billion color dual master camera and 1 billion color 120Hz intelligent dynamic color achieving screen. Find X3 Pro is equipped with the Xiaolong 888 mobile platform,

The price of 8256gb version is 5499 yuan, 12256gb is 5999 yuan, 16512gb is 6999 yuan. Find X3 is equipped with the Xiaolong 870 mobile platform,

Forenoon, tiktok 8128GB will be priced at 4499 yuan, 8256GB will cost 4999 yuan, and will be accepted from now on. It will be sold on the official shopping mall of the shopping mall in March 19th at 10:00 a.m., and Jingdong, Tmall, suning.com, jitter and other online channels. At the same time, offline stores such as oppo experience store, three major operators cooperation hall, Suning, Gome, dinfo, Shundian will be opened and sold simultaneously.

In addition, oppo also released a new version of enco x blue key, with a price of 999 yuan, which means that the online pre-sale can be reduced by 80 yuan from the day on, and it will be sold in full on March 19, with find

X3 series together purchase, online and offline can enjoy the discount of 100 yuan.

About oppo

Oppo launched its first “smiling face mobile phone” in 2008, which opened a journey to explore and lead to us technology. Today, oppo relies on find x

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