15.3 billion core international announced another chip factory: Crazy expansion

This year, the global semiconductor production capacity is tight, and the domestic Fabs are also talking about capacity expansion. Following SMIC capital, which is located in Beijing, SMIC International announced tonight that it will invest in Shenzhen to build a factory, mainly producing 28nm and above processes.

According to the announcement of SMIC international, the company and the Shenzhen government (through Shenzhen heavy investment group) (including the Shenzhen heavy investment group) intend to carry out project development and operation through SMIC Shenzhen in the form of proposed capital contribution.

15.3 billion core international announced another chip factory: Crazy expansion

According to the plan, SMIC Shenzhen will carry out the development and operation of the project, focusing on the production of 28nm and above integrated circuits and providing technical services, aiming to achieve the final capacity of about 40000 12 inch wafers per month.

Production is expected to start in 2022. After the final agreement is signed, the new investment of the project is estimated to be US $2.35 billion, about 15.3 billion yuan.

According to previous reports, SMIC’s manufacturing capacity is full, and some mature process orders have been scheduled to 2022.

At the beginning of this month, it was reported that SMIC International’s equipment supply of 14nm and above (mature processes such as 14nm and 28nm) was licensed.

In terms of hard power, Liang Mengsong, CO CEO of SMIC, previously disclosed that SMIC’s 28nm, 14nm, 12NM, N1 and other technologies have entered mass production, the development of 7Nm technology has been completed, and it can enter risk mass production in April this year. The eight most critical and arduous technologies of 5nm and 3nm have also been launched in an orderly manner. Only with the arrival of EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography machine, SMIC can enter the stage of comprehensive development Paragraph.