3.18 Ubisoft spring sale! New season of rainbow 6

Two days ago, Ubisoft officials brought a short story clip about Rainbow Six: siege, the new season "red robbery", which was launched around new Argentine veteran Flores. At that time, at the beginning of the new season, you may encounter problems such as slow download speed of update and drop of Ubisoft server network Caton. You can play with the accelerator of fresh cattle. Xiaoniumei will read the updated content of the new season for you. And Ubisoft announced that the spring special sale will be launched on March 18, with a big discount waiting for your friends~

Rainbow 6: siege will be launched in the new season “red robbery” with a new agent Flores, an attacking agent from Argentina’s medium speed medium-a, equipped with a bomb bound remote control car rce-rateo (charging times of 4). Flores can remotely control the bomb car to attack, and the bomb car will accelerate continuously after it is released, and it can not slow down or stop, and the detonation time limit is 10 seconds.

3.18 Ubisoft spring sale! New season of rainbow 6

Sixth annual plan:

3.18 Ubisoft spring sale! New season of rainbow 6

Season 1: Argentine new agent Flores, remaking border map

3.18 Ubisoft spring sale! New season of rainbow 6

Season 2: nakoda new agent, remaking slum map

3.18 Ubisoft spring sale! New season of rainbow 6

Season 3: Croatian new players, some maps with minor changes

3.18 Ubisoft spring sale! New season of rainbow 6

Season 4: New Ireland players, re production of desert service station map

Rainbow 6: Siege “is on line in the first season of the sixth year. In the second, third and fourth seasons, a new cadre will be launched and the map will be remainded and changed. In addition, there will be new season activities and small street crane mode every season. The official said that they will try something new in the street plane mode. The production team in the sixth year will also bring the core game features, as well as more. But the specific images of these new heroes have not been published. You can imagine them~

Rainbow 6: siege is coming online in the new season. Due to the reasons of Ubisoft server, you may encounter network problems such as slow download and update speed, online offline Caton and inability to connect to the server. It is suggested that you use the fresh cattle accelerator to accelerate and update and online. The new season of rainbow 6: siege has been upgraded and optimized by Xianniu accelerator, which smoothly supports the online acceleration of the new season, and helps players to play games with low delay.

On February 9, this year, ubie has held a “new spring promotion” event. During the period, not only many popular games are available for discount purchase, but also ubite also presents to the player the assassin creed series of foreign biography, “assassin creed Chronicle: China”. On March 14, the previous day, Ubisoft officials announced on social platforms that spring promotions will be held again on March 18.

According to the official promotion map of ubite, it is the second promotion discount in spring, even discount, and the discount is not small. Players who want to start the game can pay attention to the follow-up information.

Official publicity:

Looking forward to, looking forward to, Dongfeng came, ubite mall spring sales near the pace!

[March 18] spring sale officially begins. Please look forward to it!

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