3DM express: “jet fighter 3” supports Chinese to sell next year! “Monkey King” plagiarized by mobile game advertisement

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3DM express:

Nintendo will face up to the meeting, “spladun 3” supports the sale of Chinese next year, “sword of heaven HD” will go on sale in July; “black Myth: Wukong” is plagiarized by mobile game ads, and Yang Qi’s Micro blog is the main creator to crack down on counterfeiting.

3DM express:

1. “Jet fighter 3” supports Chinese to sell next year! The old cake has not been baked yet, but new one has been added

3DM express:

“Jet fighter” new work finally has Chinese! There is also a high-definition reproduction of Zelda’s “sword of the sky”. The first day of the construction is like Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, it’s not seven days ago.

3DM express:

After more than 500 days, Lao Ren finally came to a 50 minute face-to-face meeting. Picnics 2, sister Bei 3, true goddess reincarnation 5. Congratulations, none of them showed up. The old cake has not been baked. Lao Ren has added a piece. Jet fighter 3, which is full of waste soil, is sure to be officially launched next year, and it really supports Chinese! This work is officially translated as “spladun 3”. The squid will take new actions and bow shaped weapons to the sunlit desert “Shangxing area”. It’s not like Mr. Ren’s style that two splatters are packed together on the same plane, so I guess it’s its main task to escort the new model.

In addition to spladun, a batch of official translations of Shuai’s legend of Zelda: the sword of heaven will land on switch in high definition on July 16 to support Chinese. Lao Ren fried the cold rice Well, the picture quality has been improved. It supports 60 frames. It’s good to transplant. I haven’t played it before. That’s the new work. In addition to restoring Wii’s experience through joy con, “sword of heaven HD” also supports rocker operation. Players who buy Lite don’t have to worry, they just can’t experience the real side of its fitness game. In other words, that new joy con is so cool; picnics 2? There will be new news until the end of the year.

At the end of the play, let’s talk about the rest briefly. The two wives Yan Heguang will take part in Nintendo star fight. From the demonstration, the playing method should be similar to that of baokemeng trainer. There are also game information about Nintendo master collection, Mario golf, Wushuang 5 of Warring States period and Se wargame’s new work triangle strategy (demo has been opened for download). You can go to the official website to learn more.

2. “Black Monkey King” is plagiarized by mobile travel ads, and its main creator is microblog to crack down on counterfeiting

“It’s almost the 22nd century, so you can’t cheat the players.”.

Early this morning, Yang Qi, founder of Game Science, posted a microblog saying that recently there have been a lot of mobile game advertisements plagiarized from “black Myth: Wukong”. If you copy the image of the protagonist and then combine it with free materials, you will cheat people. The times are developing, but some people have won the recruitment. Yang Qi said that this mobile game is really not made by them, and his legal colleagues are also following up.

Although it’s still the old way of junk page tour in those years, for the outsider who doesn’t know much about the game, the killing power is still amazing. I believe those who listen to my nonsense here every day won’t be hit. Cough I don’t think so. What’s 999? It’s not fragrant when the monkey comes out of the mountain?

News in a word

1. “Gate of Bode 3” new occupation “druid” announced, with patch 4 launched

Rarian has released the new class “druid” of “gate of Bode 3”, which will be launched together with the No. 4 major update “power of nature”.

2. It’s gone with the wind! Sony sued by players for failing to fulfill ps5 handle warranty

Recently, a ps5 player in the United States asked Sony’s customer service for help because his dualsense handle drifted. As a result, he didn’t get any practical help. He accused Sony of violating consumer fraud laws and ps5 handle related warranty agreements, and asked Sony to launch a recall or free replacement plan to compensate previously damaged consumers.