3DM express: “strange life” new work is really expensive, Tencent’s new patent “game machine” is open

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Se spring conference, “strange life: true colors” announced; Tencent’s new patent “game machine” published

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1. “Strange life” new work is really expensive, “project athia” name

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It’s you, se. The game is really expensive.

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This morning, Se held a spring game conference, one of the highlights is that the new series of strange life, strange life: true colors, was officially released. Although it still carries the title of “strange life”, players familiar with the series must know that dontnod, who created two series 1 and 2, has ended his cooperation with se. It is deck nine, the developer of prequel “on the eve of the storm”. The story of Max and Chloe has come to an end. Alex Chen, a new Asian protagonist who can sense and even manipulate other people’s emotions, is burdened with “Curse”. Whether her “strange life” can continue to be praised will undoubtedly be a challenge for deck nine, who starts afresh.

3DM express:

Of course, there is also a challenge for players It’s just that the game is a little expensive. The Standard Version sells for 399 yuan (steam pre purchase special), which is also a good thing. If you make enough money at one time, you don’t have to worry about chapters. In addition, including the first generation and prequel of the “strange life re plate collection” will be launched in the autumn, there are Chinese did not buy do not miss.

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Well, let’s take another look. At the ps5 game launch last year, the se luminous group released a mysterious new work “project athia” with good pictures. Today, its name was officially confirmed as “forspoken” and a new real-time demonstration was made public. Although it didn’t see the reason, it was finished with great effort! This work is expected to be launched next year, and ps5 will log on to PC after limited time monopoly.

For the rest, let’s make a short cut. The new mobile game “killer: Sniper Assassin” is released. It will be on sale within this year. The “Panther” expansion pack of Marvel Avenger alliance will be released. It will officially join the game at the end of this year.

2. High praise! Audience rating of justice alliance released

Compared with the cinema version, what more bicycles!

The audience rating of the editing version of justice alliance by Zha Dao was officially lifted, which was a wave of praise. The freshness of rotten tomatoes was 76, and the popcorn index was 97; the user score of M station was 8.9, and the four hour piece length of DC powder was cool.

Maybe it’s set off by the cinema version, or moved by director Zha’s persistence. Although the director’s cutting version of justice alliance is still a little slow because of the long time, there are also some problems, such as the general design of some action scenes, poor choice of music and so on Praise is praise anyway. Friends who haven’t seen it can visit HBO at the weekend, or You can do it yourself.

News in a word

1. Tencent’s new patent “game console” is open, with “PC host” written on the back

A new patent named “game console” of Tencent has been disclosed. According to the information, the appearance design product is mainly used for game entertainment. From the appearance diagram, you can see the suspected windows buttons, and the words “PC console” are also written on the back

2. Epic likes to add “the fall” and send “creatures in the well” next week

Epic’s “the fall” this week is now available. Next week, we will give you the action dungeon game “creatures in the well”. Don’t miss it.

3. Sony Announces Acquisition of Evo, the world’s top fighting game

Sony announced that it has cooperated with RTs to acquire Evo, the world’s largest fighting game, and will hold online competitions in August this year, including “real quick fight 11: the ultimate version”, “evil equipment: Struggle”, “Street Fighter 5: Champion version” and “iron fist 7”. Nintendo said it will continue to evaluate Evo and plans to hold online and offline activities for “big fight” in the future.

4. Microsoft will hold Xbox independent game launch, including “stalker 2”

Microsoft will hold the Xbox independent game conference at 0:00 on March 27. At that time, Microsoft will announce the new news of 25 games including “stalker 2” and the new lineup of XGP.