3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms “exclusive”, Blizzard develops 3A multiplayer game

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3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms

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3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms

New tour of B club confirmed “exclusive”, 20 masterpieces joined XGP; Blizzard is developing a 3A multiplayer game, or with FPS and action elements

3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms

1. New tour of group B confirms “exclusive”, 20 masterpieces join XGP

3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms

20! 20! It’s over. I stayed up all night on the weekend.

3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms

With company B officially joining Microsoft, Xbox, which focuses on watermelon skin, naturally wants to catch up. But I didn’t expect that almost all the popular works of A-B (parent company zenimax) have been accepted. Thank you! It smells delicious!

3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms

Disgrace, doom, radiation, predatory, fury 2, ancient scroll, German headquarters, possessed by evil spirits, all you want to play are in watermelon skin. Wait, wait, wait, don’t worry, this is not the biggest thing today. In order to explain all the problems about the cooperation between B and Microsoft one by one, Xbox specially opened a more than one hour “round table meeting”, and Phil Spencer made a direct statement that the future new travel of B will be “monopolized by the platform (Xbox and PC) with XGP”! If you make such a reservation, Sony says you can call me directly. But Phil also added that new tours that have landed before or have reached agreements with other platforms, such as death circle and ghost line Tokyo, will not change, and they will continue to provide support.

3DM quick report: new tour of B club confirms

A few days ago, I heard that the exclusive “part” of the game, together with this “part” to directly count in all the empty folders stored in Club B, Sony is a blood gusher. But it’s not surprising that after spending so much money, Microsoft’s goal is of course to set up the biggest signboard for itself, which is enough to enable them to compete in the new generation. This is the original intention of Microsoft’s acquisition, and what it does must be in the best interests.

According to the current situation, regardless of the old Ren Xian (the relationship seems to be OK), the possibility that the new tour of B club wants to appear on the opposite Playstation is very, very low. I’m afraid that “Sony alone does not occupy” will come true. Unless Congratulations to Sony for joining watermelon skin!

2. Blizzard is developing a 3A multiplayer game with FPS and action elements

According to Blizzard’s official recruitment information, they are recruiting 16 employees to participate in the development of a 3A level multiplayer game for PC and mainframe. Blizzard has not disclosed the specific details of the game.

Blizzard needs a combat designer with “extensive and rich experience in FPS and action game (single player game and online game) design”, and this game has sub era screen and original artistic style Eh, is it “watch pioneer 3”?

I’m kidding, the IP that can be used and the cold rice that can be fried have been used for many times, so I have to step on the new journey of blizzard It’s not only us, but also he himself.

News in a word

1. Santa Monica recruits lead screenwriter to join undisclosed projects

Santa Monica, the developer of Ares, is recruiting a chief screenwriter for an undisclosed project. Previously, Santa Monica had recruited art directors for the mystery project, and was looking forward to what kind of work it would be.

2. Epic likes to add “Mars to survive” and “the fall” next week

Epic this week’s hi plus “survival on Mars” is now available. Next week’s free game is “the fall”. Don’t miss it.

3. “Metro 2033” steam free collection, full range of promotion starts

The original version of “Metro 2033” has started a free collection activity in steam (up to March 16). Meanwhile, the whole series of “Metro” is also being promoted. Players who miss the previous epic remaking “Hi plus one” should hurry to do it.

4. The epidemic is rampant, kapukong still requires employees to go to work

Despite the epidemic in Japan, it is reported that kapukong is still forcing employees to work in the company, which seems to be related to the hacking incident in November last year. Kapukong responded that they have staggered their working hours and taken relevant epidemic prevention measures.