3DM quick report: NVIDIA “accidentally” unlocks the 3060 mining limit, subverse sells for $30

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3DM quick report: NVIDIA

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3DM quick report: NVIDIA

NVIDIA admitted that rtx3060 lifted mining restrictions because of its carelessness; Matou news agency’s “subverse” was sold for $29.99, EA version.

3DM quick report: NVIDIA

1. NVIDIA admitted that the lifting of mining restrictions by rtx3060 was due to its own carelessness

3DM quick report: NVIDIA

For players, or to make money? It seems that NVIDIA “accidentally” sold the players.

3DM quick report: NVIDIA

Let’s review last month. In order for real players to buy 30 series graphics cards, NVIDIA announced that it will launch a special mining card, and reduce the mining performance of rtx3060 by half through a software driver. The effect is really good, as the official said, the performance limit is difficult to crack, unless It’s NVIDIA itself.

3DM quick report: NVIDIA

Two days ago, NVIDIA launched the 470.05 version of the rtx3060 driver. Unexpectedly, once it was installed, half of the original mining performance was cut, and it was directly full of (let the bullets fly: what the hell is a surprise) the surprises are all from the miners, and the players only have silly eyes – it’s you who are going to help us, and it’s you who are going to stab us in the back. Director Huang has a good self editing and self acting.

3DM quick report: NVIDIA

Last night, NVIDIA officially issued a statement. They admitted that due to the developer’s careless inclusion of internal development code in the driver, the hash algorithm restriction of RTX 3060 will be removed under specific configuration. At present, the driver has been officially removed. It’s really careless Regardless of whether it is “careless” or not, cracking has spread. The only thing to be happy about is that although the restriction has been lifted, the rtx3060 still has many obstacles, such as bandwidth, display and producer, in order to dig at full speed.

If Lao Huang is really for the sake of the player, what measures will be taken to minimize the problem is the key. If you really think about it, you still think that you can make more money by making a great contribution to the miner AMD,Yes!

2. The price of “subvere” of Matou news agency is public, and the EA version is $29.99

26, it’s a good day.

Today, Matou news agency’s new work “subverse” officially announced the price of the game on the crowd funding website KickStarter. The EA (preemptive experience) version costs $29.99, and the 1.0 version will rise to $39.99 after it is launched. Players who participated in the No. 2 crowdfunding scheme before can get the game directly.

“Subverse” will start the preemptive experience on the steam platform on March 26. The game lasts about 30 hours Well, but the lockup area. Don’t ask. Watch the video.

News in a word

1. Activision Blizzard has laid off more than 50 employees and sent $200 for network card

Affected by the epidemic, it is difficult to open large-scale offline events. Activision Blizzard will fire about 50 employees from the e-sports department, and the employees are related to the projects of “watch vanguard” and “call of duty”. The severance payment is a 90 day salary, a year of continuous health benefits and a $200 war net gift card.

2. Former beauty producer of Assassin’s creed has set up a new studio to develop new IP for Sony

Since I left Ubisoft, I’ve just left Google station, the former beauty producer of Assassin’s Creed Well, at present, jade Raymond, who may be just an old beauty (doghead), has accepted Sie’s sponsorship to set up a new studio haven, and will develop an exclusive game with original IP for PlayStation.

3. The United States issued a statement to boycott Asian hate speech

The U.S. branch of Wandai nameng palace issued a statement that as a Japanese based company, the rising Asian hate speech has hurt employees, and called on fans to support and fight against hate crimes against Asian Americans.

4. True “suobuzhan”, travelers from all directions joined XGP on March 25

Microsoft has disclosed the new XGP game lineup, including Neil: automatic humanoid (3.18 PC), Star Wars: Fighter Squadron (3.18 PC), light of the torch 3 (3.18 PC), travelers from all directions (3.25 PC), dragon 6 (3.25 PC Android) and other games. “Octagon” is gone now.