3DM quick report: V club “a card 2.0” is gone! Yuanshen sold for 900 million yuan in five months

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3DM quick report: V club

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3DM quick report: V club

V announced that “a brand 2.0” stopped development; for five months, original God has been in the global market for 874million dollars.

3DM quick report: V club

1. G fat, refund! V society “a card 2.0” announced the stop of development

3DM quick report: V club

RNM! Refund!

3DM quick report: V club

Only a week, and a week, we can even see two world-class factories, even there to engage in player mentality to fight for “cake death”, I really do, you can do one by one?

3DM quick report: V club

Today, the V society officially announced that due to the efforts put into the “artifact 2.0”, the number of active players in the game failed to reach the level worthy of further development, and they “decided hard” to stop the development of the 2.0 beta version. So far, the little hymn “a” completely collapsed.

3DM quick report: V club

It is still remembered that in March, 19, when it was from 60000 online to the first 500 of the worst a cards, the V society vowed to “create a better artifact”. As for export, the v-club did. Since March last year, the detailed explanation of the new mechanism of “a card 2.0” has been continuously released, and even the first-hand experience of the test version has been opened in the middle of the year; although it is a few steps more than the holy song, there are still many problems with card a after the revision. The two have no difference in the outcome.

It’s all done as you two do, and don’t go back to the furnace later. Just burn it.

Once full of confidence, to break their hands with a number of card games such as “furnace stone” and so on by virtue of the innovation of playing method and dota2 IP, it finally fell so bleak. The reason is that the game itself plays too complex and high randomness, which makes the player’s energy consumption huge; or the buying and breaking system of card a and the expense of no vulgar hinder the introduction of more new people; of course, it may also be nicknamed as “Huoshi” The “real a” self-propelled chess covered his coffin board; but it can not be said that the v-club, which can play games (usually) but doesn’t feel very operational, has made the value of DOTA 2 IP weakened by naked eye in the past two years, so it is really necessary to carry a big pot.

The classic and foundry versions of card a are now open for free, and all cards are unlocked and closed for internal purchase. The card of old players will be changed into a hidden version and can be traded in the market. It’s also great. Today, the a-card online player has doubled 25 times, with more than 700 people. G fat! Money for the capital krypton ax!

2. “Original God” sold in May, and the world has attracted 900million yuan, and invested in brain computer interface

According to the report of sensor tower, a data statistics organization, the original God has already won 874million dollars (mobile terminal) in the world for five months (20.9.28-21.2.28), ranking third in the same period of hand travel, after the “glory of the king” and “the Jedi survival Tour” which took 1.2 billion and 1.1 billion yuan respectively.

Of the nearly 900million yuan, the most contribution from Chinese players is 253million; the second is Japan (237million) and American players (162 million). Yesterday, MIHA you announced that it was really rich to cooperate with Ruijin Hospital to establish a laboratory and study brain computer interface technology.

News in a word

1. Epic XIGA 1: war game: red dragon, Mars survival next week

Epic is now available for the war game: Red Dragon this week. Next week’s free game is Mars survival. You should not miss it.

2. “Dark destruction god 2: Remaking” supports inheriting original file

In an interview with the ign Middle East, Matthew cederquist, producer of dark destruction 2: remaking, confirmed that the remake “dark 2” would support the filing of the original. Before the “dark 2 reprint” has confirmed that the screen can be switched back to the “original experience” by one button. The God gear of that year can be taken out to play.

3. “Legend of the fairy sword and the chivalrous man” is expected to be released in the third quarter, and the Xianjian Inn 2 is launched in September

According to the media, the legend of the fairy sword and chivalrous man is expected to be released in the third quarter. The simulated leisure game “Xianjian Inn 2” will be launched in September. Besides the remake drama of the version number of “Legend of the fairy sword and chivalrous man”, two online films and three TV plays will be authorized.

4. Can’t the original be sold? “Love her online” or sell expansion players separately

Strauss Zelnick, take2 CEO, said they are considering selling “love her online” to expand players as the stand-alone market for love 5 for her is nearly saturated. The ol, a wild escort, was sold separately at the end of last year.