A new image of “the evil king and the noble brave” published in Japan

Today (February 23), a Japanese official released a new video of the new work, and the secret revealing website has also been updated. Before the game is officially released, the website will change a little every day and release some new content. However, this work has actually been leaked, which is called "the evil king and the noble brave".

A new image of Japan:

A new image of


A new image of

“I want to be a noble and brave man like my father!”

Human girl Yu is the daughter of the brave. She was raised by the Dragon King and went to sleep every night listening to her father’s adventure stories Inspired by the heroic story of defeating the demon king, she started an adventure and wanted to be a noble and brave person.

But what yuu doesn’t know is The Lord who once fought with her was the Dragon King himself.

At present, a new Japanese book “the evil king and the noble brave” has not yet announced the release platform and other information. It still needs to wait for the official follow-up news. Interested players can click here to view the official website.