“A train starts sightseeing plan” officially landed on NS platform today

Today (March 12), "a train starts sightseeing plan" officially landed on NS platform, the game supports simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, the official Chinese website of the work has also been launched, and the new publicity image of the work has also been made public.

New publicity video:

Screenshot of NS daily service store page:

It is reported that in the “a train starts sightseeing plan”, the player incarnates as the president of the railway company and actively participates in urban development, railway operation and company operation. The game allows players to lay railways in the game, design bus routes and build airports to build popular tourist spots. The game also supports customized play of vehicles.

“A train start sightseeing plan” has been put on sale on March 12. It supports simplified and traditional Chinese. Interested players can click here to view the Chinese official website, or click here to get the link of Japanese service eshop mall.