“Adventure in the rain 2” steam version sold more than 4 million sets


Adventure in the rain 2 of games has made a good achievement since it landed in steam in March 2019. After the initial launch was well received, the roguelite game has sold 4 million units on steam alone. Hopoo

Games also revealed that 88 players played for more than an hour, and 57 players played for more than 10 hours.

Although developers have confirmed that the first paid DLC will come in the fourth quarter of 2021, there will be some new content coming online in the near future. The annual update, which will be launched on PC on March 25, will improve the whole game for free and supplement all items and content that were cut off when version 1.0 was released. A total of 88 legend entries can be found, a new Survivor “robber” and so on.

Annual updates will also be launched on other platforms, but the current plan is to launch the first paid DLC on all platforms simultaneously. In addition, hopoo is expanding the development team of adventure in the rain 2 and preparing for other games in the future.

Adventure in the rain 2 update plan

Adventure in the rain 2 is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox one, stadia and switch.

About this game

To survive on an alien planet

More than a dozen hand-made scene locations are waiting for you. They are full of monsters and giant bosses waiting for challenges, trying to eliminate you.

Fight hard until you reach the ultimate boss and avoid his killing, or continue the game indefinitely to see how long you can survive. The unique adjustment system allows you and the enemy’s power to grow infinitely in a game.

Discover powerful new items

More than 110 items can make every round of the game full of freshness and exciting challenges. The more items you collect, the more powerful your synthesis will be, and some of them will be more amazing.

The more items you find, the more legends or strategies you can discover through your journal

Unlock new play

Unlock a team of 10 playable survivors, each with a unique fighting style and replacement skills to master.

Learn the mysteries of artifact to switch the content of game adjuster, such as friendly accidental injury, random survivor generation, item selection, etc. Random levels, enemies and items bring you a never repeated game experience.

Single player game or cooperative game

You can take risks on your own, or cooperate with up to three friends online. You can also go to the wheel challenge of prism trial to fight.

New survivors such as captain and mul-t will join classic survivors such as engineers, female hunters and commanders.