Affected by the bad weather, the DLC of “ownerless land 3: Director’s editing version” was postponed to April 9

According to the latest news released by 2K official, due to the bad weather in Texas, the DLC of "ownerless land 3: Director's editing version" originally scheduled to be released on March 19 was postponed to April 9.

This DLC content offers all kinds of fascinating content, but what is striking is the new surprise boss: the invincible predator. This huge mosquito raiding boss is hiding behind the locked door on Pandora since the release of “no man’s land 3”. Only fierce hunters who specially challenge huge prey can defeat him and obtain the top prize. It’s best to make friends, and be prepared to become a crazy mosquito dish for Chinese food – the scene must be terrible!

Affected by the bad weather, the DLC of

The director’s edition also includes a series of homicide tasks, bringing new locations and novel crime scene analysis mechanisms. Convinced that she had found some clues to the supernatural homicide, EVA decided to record her findings in the form of podcasts. You’re going to pick up your guns, open your legs, be her co anchor, investigate the supernatural events on Pandora, Promethea, eden 6 and the graveyard star, find out everything with the help of many old faces, and brush your gear. Savvy secret hunters can even find clues, hints and secrets related to the main story.

Affected by the bad weather, the DLC of

In addition, the director’s clip also contains three secret cards, which are tickets to the theme booty set! When players launch a secret card, they can upgrade it by completing daily and weekly challenges. There are more than 100 unique challenges in the game, so players never know what they’re going to meet on a daily or weekly basis. When you make enough progress, players will be able to unlock a large number of theme appearance items, as well as powerful equipment in line with the character level.

The first secret card will be released with the director’s clip, which includes souvenirs of the most beloved dead heroes in the land of no owners, while the remaining two cards are planned to be released by the end of 2021. The contents of the secret card will not expire. When you have multiple secret cards, you can choose which one to activate.

Finally, the DLC content of director’s edition also brings a lot of behind the scenes gags that have never been seen before. Players will be able to have a glimpse of the development process of ownerless land 3, from ng pictures to cut content, and also explore the art gallery full of concept sketches, sub mirrors, lost maps and the film development process of ownerless land 3.