“Age of great navigation 4: power enhanced HD” landed on switchpc in May

According to foreign media gematsu, glorious tekumo's RPG strategy game "era of navigation 4: power enhanced HD" will be launched on switchpc (steam) platform on May 20.

It is reported that the standard version of switch PC (steam) is priced at 3800 yen (about 233 yuan), while the limited version of switch is priced at 12800 yen (about 784 yuan).

Age of navigation 4 is a role-playing strategy game (later transplanted to Nintendo DS and Playstation) released by glory on Windows platform in 1999. It is also the fifth work in the age of navigation series (including the biography of age of navigation).

The game continues the characteristics of the series. In the game, the player plays a leader of the chamber of Commerce, leading a long-distance fleet to trade, plunder, fight, explore, etc. The main characters that can be manipulated are four (three are added in the power enhanced version), which are all over the world, instead of taking Europe as the center of world outlook. From the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century, Europeans carried out colonial and trade activities in the new world, Africa, Asia and other places. At the same time, Spain and Portugal, the original maritime hegemony, were being challenged by the new maritime countries.

The game continues the high level of previous games in painting and music, and the unique “certificate of hegemony” system in this work connects the plots of several protagonists together. However, there are also shortcomings, such as the rough Navigation view, which makes it difficult for people to feel the magnificent sailing. Compared with the previous works of the era of great navigation series, the overall difficulty of the game is low, which makes it difficult to experience the soul stirring and unforgettable survival crisis in previous generations’ works. This also makes the fans of the series have different opinions on the era of great navigation IV. But at the same time, the more leisure and appreciation of the game has attracted a lot of players who are interested in leisure.