“Akihabara tour HD remaking” Chinese first limited edition special information released

Today (March 19), cloudleopard entertainment released the special information of the first Chinese limited edition of the ps4switch platform game "Akihabara journey HD remaking", which includes art set, painted packaging box, etc.

“The story of autumn leaves: Hellbound debriefed” Asian Language Edition (entity Edition)

Limited edition color painting packaging box drawn by artist TANU

The Japanese version of the official guide.

Akiba’s 10 years of memory (traditional Chinese version)

AKIBA‘S TRIP 1st Complete Soundtracks

The price of Asian language version (entity) is hkd310, and the price of 10th Anniversary Edition is hkd568. Both versions provide Japanese and English voice, and there will also be simplified / traditional Chinese subtitles produced by cloudleopard entertainment.

This work is based on akibas trip plus, a remade and enhanced version of Akiba’s trip, which was released in PSP in 2011, aiming at the complete reset of this generation’s platform. Re depict the street details of “Akihabara” which can not be presented in PSP, and bring the “collection round badge” obtained under specific conditions. Please feel the fun of studying different from the cup.

“Akihabara tour HD remaking” is scheduled to go on sale on May 20, landing on PS4 and switch platforms, and the Chinese version will be launched simultaneously.