Alienware releases the world’s first game book with cherry MX x gull wing mechanical keyboard

Beijing, China March 19, 2021

To provide players with unprecedented immersive gaming experience, alinware, in cooperation with Chery, launched a new alynware with cherry MX x gull wing type mechanical keyboard

Alienware releases the world's first game book with cherry MX x gull wing mechanical keyboard

M15 R4 and alinware M17 R4 are the first games book to be launched in cooperation with cherry, a famous German keyboard manufacturer.

Alienware releases the world's first game book with cherry MX x gull wing mechanical keyboard

Three years ago, aliennware and

Alienware releases the world's first game book with cherry MX x gull wing mechanical keyboard

Cherry launched a partnership with the joint goal of “creating a professional mechanical keyboard experience in a lighter game book.”. Although it is not easy to implement this idea, alinware has successfully introduced the advantages of mechanical keyboard to mobile PC,

Alienware releases the world's first game book with cherry MX x gull wing mechanical keyboard

Help players to fire all the time in the game world.

Alienware releases the world's first game book with cherry MX x gull wing mechanical keyboard

Break the design boundary and introduce the comfortable feel of mechanical keyboard

18.5mm cherry MX x design 11.9mm cherry MX x design 3.5mm cherry MX x gull wing design

After testing a series of materials and more than 160 mechanical models, alinware

The ultra thin shaft mechanical keyboard developed by cherry, which is made of stainless steel mechanical components, is only 3.5mm thick, which brings the desired touch of percussion. Inspired by the gull wing door design of the DeLorean sports car, this mechanical keyboard enables strong feedback for every finger press, greatly improving the game experience of the player.

The innovative design of the mechanical keyboard trigger key process is 1.8mm, with 15million single axis life in the independent test. It is not only durable, but also has excellent performance of quick response. The two cross stainless steel mechanical components and metal trigger elements ensure that all angles of knocking can be sensitive and accurate feedback. And all these design changes do not affect alinware

M15 R4 and aliennware M17 R4 are still the thinnest notebooks in their family’s history.

Most importantly, the real touch of the key helps to determine the input, coupled with a crisp knock sound, allowing players to gain unparalleled quick response and feel. At the same time, it supports 100 ghost proof key and full key non impact technology. Players can set the driver adjustment with one key macro and combine various buttons, preset the button background light in alienfx, support about 16.8 million light color choices, and gallop the game more freely.

Robust performance and eye protection buff for the perfect user experience

Super lightweight and fierce aliennare M15 R4 and aliennware M17

R4 offers a rich in-house selection, including the 10th generation Intel kernel processor, and NVIDIA geforce RTX is available for hard core players

3080 high-profile graphics card. Ultra high efficiency voltage regulation technology brings long-term endurance, and can enjoy the long-term game process. This ultra lightweight PC offers up to 4tb of storage, a mini SD card reader interface,

Thunderbolt 3 usb-c connector enables game lovers to open a full winning mode.

It is worth mentioning that aliennare M15 R4 and aliennware M17

R4 ultra light and strong PC can choose the eye free physical blue light protection technology, effectively remove harmful blue light with wavelength of 415-455nm, manage spectrum distribution intelligently, ensure the color lossless performance, and provide the game enthusiasts with super buff with eye protection and yellow protection.

Anti blue light display

In addition, aliennware will release alienare Aurora with Intel 11th generation processor and NVIDIA geforce RTX 30 series graphics card

R12 and Dell XPS desktops lead the development trend of game and creative PC. Meanwhile, alinware Aurora R10 also provides AMD processor options for users.

“Dell breaks through innovation in the Department to improve user experience with the ultimate product,” said Fu Zhiwei, product director of Dell China consumer and small enterprise business division. Top of the hand, eye protection, immersion game experience, with cherry MX

The aenware M15 R4 and aliennware M17 R4 of the X-Wing keyboard can satisfy all the players’ imagination about the game. “

The price of the alynware m1517 R4 cherry MX x gull wing keyboard game starts at 17499 yuan

Alinware Aurora R12 is sold for 14999 yuan

Alinware Aurora R10 is sold for RMB 13999

Dell XPS desktop selling price starts at 8799 yuan

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