“Almighty God” steam edition is still submitted for testing, and the release date has not been determined

March 18, 12:01 update: Game Producer Zhu ANZO and note clarified on twitter that he was still submitting the God of all test, and the specific time for PC version is not clear (the information on the sale date is from crim's official English manuscript).

Original report: game developer crim revealed that the steam version of El shaddai: ascension of the Metatron will be launched in mid April 2021.

The God of all: the ascension of mettaron was first released in 2011 on PS3, XBOX360 platform, and is a 3D action game. Before the sale of this work, there have been two creative games of the same person to be sold first. The game based cartoons are also serially published in square Enix magazine g fantasy.

The book of eno is one of the apocalyptic literature, which records the vision that eno and God saw 300 years before the flood. Most Christian churches and Modern Jewish churches regard it as hypocrites. And the God of all: the rising of mettaron is the background, taking the heaven, the world and hell as the stage, which shows the growing myth between the hero and the fallen angels.

Of course, this game is known to domestic players as “big husband has big milk”. When the hero enok was asked how the equipment was prepared, he replied with confidence that “it doesn’t matter, no problem” (big husband, question い and then he immediately acts handsome with the enemy, but his armor is instantly beaten.