Almost perfect! “Quality effect: Legend” DLC is not complete

Because of technical problems, "quality effect: Legend" did not choose to use the unreal 4 engine. Although EA and BioWare have confirmed that a large number of DLCs will be included in quality effects: Legend, players familiar with the series may have found the missing content list in the list.

you ‘re right. The original DLC “Pinnacle station” of “quality effect” does not appear in the list of dozens of DLCs in “quality effect: Legend edition”.

Almost perfect!

It is reported that the “Pinnacle station” DLC has not been transplanted to other platforms since the Xbox 360 version was launched, and even the PS3 version, which was released immediately after, does not have this DLC. Why? According to the project director of “quality effect: Legend edition” interviewed by game informer, the DLC of “Pinnacle station” was developed by demiurge studios, a studio in Massachusetts. When BioWare contacted the studio, he found that the DLC file had been broken and could not continue to develop. Although BioWare wanted to revive the DLC, there was no way.

Almost perfect!

Other DLC lists included in quality effects: Legend:

Destroy the sky


Zeid: the price of revenge

Xia – Stolen Memory

The nest of shadow brokers

Firewalker vehicle bag


Normandy crash site


Genesis 2


Quality effect 3: extended outcomes




Balanced armor pack

Aegis bag

Fire weapon combination package

Cerberus armor pack

Flashing arc

Me2 alternative appearance package 1

Me2 alternative appearance package 2

Me3 alternative appearance package 1

Combo Pack

Ground resistance package

Scout action pack

“Mass effect 2” Collectible edition weapon armor pack

Temolos armor pack

M-21 sharp teeth

Blood Dragon Armor

Hellish armor

Recon Hood

Sentinel interface

Shadow Armor

N7 battle suit

At-12 Raider

Chakram Launcher

M-55 Argos

M-90 Indra

Reckoner Knight Armor

Quality effect 3 N7 collection package

The original “Pinnacle station” DLC provides four kinds of challenge tasks. Players can get rewards such as weapons and money after passing.

“Quality effect: Legend” will go on sale on May 14 and does not support Chinese.