“Altman Hamburg” restaurant sued by xinchuanghua

Today (March 13), Shanghai xinchuanghua, the Chinese agent of "Altman" trademark, announced the formal prosecution against "Altman Hamburg". The case will begin on May 24, 2021.

Official announcement

The company has formally filed a lawsuit to the people’s Court of Xuhui District, Shanghai for the unauthorized use of the registered trademarks of “Ultraman and Ultraman” by the restaurants of “Ultraman Hamburg” and “Ultraman Castle”. The case will be heard on May 24, 2021.

Round Valley productions are the holders of the series of trademarks of Altman and ULTRAMAN. They will give exclusive permission to the Chinese mainland ULTRAMAN for the exclusive use of the trademark rights in mainland China. Any act of using the “Altman and ULTRAMAN” trademark without permission from the company will be infringed. The company reserves the right to pursue legal liability.

Known to every family, Altman is a well-known and highly popular film and television industry. It has a high popularity, popularity and reputation worldwide. It is no exception in Chinese mainland. We resolutely resist any infringement of “Altman” series of intellectual property rights such as “branded”, “rubbing” and “free riding”.

Perhaps there are many franchisees of “Altman Hamburg” and “Altman Castle” shops who do not understand the ownership of the “Altman, Ultraman” trademarks. Please contact us for verification.