Ambitious developers hope “insect fast food” landing more platforms

By young

Insects is one of the strangest games in 2020. This game is about a puppet like creature grumpuses living on an island. It eats bugs, and after they eat bugs, their body parts will turn into just eaten bugs. This is a very strange game, now it seems that more people may have the opportunity to experience this work.

Ambitious developers hope

The developer of “insect fast food restaurant” recently participated in a forum Q & A activity. Some players asked if this work would land on NS platform. The developer replied that they “Hope” to let “insect fast food restaurant” land on more platforms, but they have not yet decided which platforms it is. Now, insect fast food restaurant has only landed on PC, PS4 and ps5 platforms, and the remaining platforms may be ns and Xbox

One and Xbox series XS.

In addition to the plan of the new platform, young horse also announced the follow-up plan of this work, intending to produce more content and continue to tell the story of the game.