Android 64 bit chrome needs at least 8GB of memory to run

As one of the browsers with the largest number of users in the world, Google Chrome covers almost all platforms, including PC, IOS, Android, etc. Recently, Google Chrome Android version finally supports 64 bit version, but unfortunately, this delayed version is not suitable for most users.

It is understood that Google Chrome for Android has a minimum 64 bit memory requirement of 8GB, and it needs a minimum Android 10 system to install. In other words, such an “excellent” version of chrome is only suitable for flagship and high-end smartphones.

Android 64 bit chrome needs at least 8GB of memory to run

As a result, millions of mid tier and entry-level Android users are left out. It is worth mentioning that even if Google’s “Pro son” pixel series, only pixel 5 can be installed.

In this regard, domestic android netizens said that even the browser on the computer does not require such memory, it is really not affordable.

It is reported that the Google Chrome update is also in response to its own regulations. Starting from August this year, Google play store will no longer receive 32-bit program submission. The advantage of 64 bit application is to improve the performance of the software and better schedule the use of memory.

Before that, Tencent wechat also launched a 64 bit version, but compared with the requirements of Google Chrome, it is simply a “small see big”.