Apple iPhone stuck in the neck! Samsung OLED panel in short supply

Recently, the global core shortage situation has spread from automobile industry to mobile phone, PC and other industries.

Many executives of domestic mobile phone manufacturers also said that chips are in urgent need this year. Now many manufacturers have to reduce production to cope with the crisis.

Apple iPhone stuck in the neck! Samsung OLED panel in short supply

According to the latest report, Apple will also be affected by the lack of core crisis, and even the iPhone product line may face a shutdown crisis.

Apple iPhone stuck in the neck! Samsung OLED panel in short supply

Reported that the global lack of core on Samsung’s OLED display panel supply caused a great impact, while Samsung’s Texas chip manufacturing plant is still due to Blizzard and power failure last month.

The factory was also responsible for the production of OLED display chips for the iPhone, which will directly lead to a setback in the supply of iPhone screens.

It is reported that Apple has recently changed its production plan. The overall production plan of iPhone in the first half of 2021 is now adjusted to about 75 million units, about 20% less than the forecast in December 2020. The iPhone 12 Mini is the one with the most serious reduction.

After all, the iPhone 12 Mini is considered to be the worst of the four iPhone 12 series models released between October and November last year, so it’s not surprising that the iPhone 12 MINI has been greatly reduced in the face of supply disruption, and it’s particularly important to guarantee the more popular models such as the iPhone 1212 pro.

However, novel coronavirus pneumonia is more intense than last year’s new crown pneumonia outbreak. It may cause a crisis to the iPhone 12 series of models, and may also affect the “iPhone 13” series that has not yet been released this year.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia last year delayed the release of the iPhone 12 series last year, if the chip supply is not resolved or will affect the “iPhone 13” series of normal release.

As we all know, the iPhone 12 series is Apple’s first 5g mobile phone. Although this mobile phone supports 5g, there are still some unsatisfactory aspects in terms of bang screen, battery life, signal, etc.

According to the current news, Apple will solve the above problems on iPhone 13, which is jokingly called “13 fragrance” by many netizens.