Apple will cancel the free replacement of iPhone 12 because of environmental protection

Apple canceled the standard charger on last year's iPhone 12 Series in the name of environmental protection, and this is only the first step. Next, iPhone

12 after sales policy will change, free replacement benefits will be gone.

Apple will cancel the free replacement of iPhone 12 because of environmental protection

According to macrumors, they recently obtained an internal memo from apple, which shows that the iPhone 12mini and iPhone 12 will adopt a new after-sales service policy from February 23 this year. In the past, they can replace the iPhone free of charge, but now they can repair it without replacing it.

To be specific, many Apple fans have experienced the power of Apple’s after-sales service before. When the iPhone fails, Apple will generously replace it with a new one. Many people go to the after-sales service when the warranty period is approaching. If they are lucky, they can replace it with a brand-new iPhone, which can bring back a lot of blood.

Apple has been limiting this phenomenon in recent years, but the current policy is different. Apple will provide authorized service providers with a set of iPhone spare parts, including display screen, camera, battery, motherboard, faceid, wireless charging ring, taptic engine and other important parts.

Under the new policy, when users repair the iPhone 1212 mini, they will replace it whenever there is a problem, instead of replacing it with a new one.

Apple explained that it was doing this for the sake of environmental protection and continued to advance its commitment to reduce the carbon emissions of every product.

At present, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are in the lead, and the more high-end iPhone 12 pro and 12 pro

Max’s after-sales policy hasn’t changed, but it’s not far away.