ASML of the Netherlands: Intel’s 7Nm level is as high as TSMC’s 5nm

After the semiconductor entered the 7Nm era, the EUV lithography machine of ASML (ASML) in the Netherlands has become an indispensable hot spot. Of course, in terms of progress, TSMC and Samsung are among the top.

Recently, when communicating with the media, Tony yen, vice president of ASML technology development, confirmed that although Intel is one of the main customers of EUV photoresist, it has not seen Intel carry out mass production on 7Nm.

ASML of the Netherlands: Intel's 7Nm level is as high as TSMC's 5nm

At present, the most advanced mass production technology is 5nm node, and both TSMC and Samsung have been launched, he said.

But Tony yen went on to point out that Intel has higher design specifications, so Intel’s 7Nm is just like TSMC’s and Samsung’s 5nm.

In fact, Intel has always emphasized that TSMC and Samsung are relatively broad in the definition of node process, while Intel is more strict in the requirements of density, width and other indicators.

Of course, it’s a good thing to set high standards for yourself, but it’s also an indisputable fact that the progress is delayed. According to Intel’s latest statement, 7Nm will not be mass produced until 2023. Not surprisingly, both TSMC and Samsung had been mass producing 3nm for a year.