“Assassin creed: the hall of the spirit” new model “riverbank plunder” Chinese version of the publicity film

Ubisoft recently released the "Assassin's Creed: the hall of souls" 1.1.2 update log, announcing that it has brought additional free game content to all players, including a new "riverbank looting" mode, Viking regiment upgrade, new abilities and new rewards, as well as two new settlement buildings that can be unlocked: riverbank looting wharf and Viking regiment hall.

Today, Ubisoft officially released a Chinese version of its new model of “riverbank robbery”:

Ubisoft said that “riparian plunder” is a permanent addition, which enriches the plunder experience of Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls

High risk looting: unique maps and rewards allow players to enjoy looting without affecting their main game progress and allies in England. Different from the original plunder, if the plundered members are not revived during the process of plunder, they will be lost temporarily.

Viking group members: the recruited Viking group (created by other online players) will be under the command of the player’s personal Viking group deputy.

Brand new long boat: there is a brand new long boat that can be completely customized and exclusive to this game mode. The cargo hold of this long ship can be upgraded to bring more resources plundered from the river bank back to the settlement.

In season 1, the new Viking battle group hall can be upgraded by three levels. The higher the level of the hall, the more advanced Viking battle groups will be attracted to recruit players. There are classes in the Viking regiment now. The higher the class, the higher the survival rate of the Viking regiment.

Once players are ready, that is, once evor arrives in England, completes his mission in Cambridge or Leicestershire, builds his barracks, and recruits a Viking deputy, they will encounter a non player character named van and his Viking Marauder members, thus opening the riverbank looting game mode. Riparian looting game mode brings three new riparian maps along the coast of England, each filled with looting sites and lootable treasures.

This update also brings additional abilities and rewards:

St. George’s armor pack and sword

3 new abilities hidden in the monastery

Two settlement buildings

A new long boat and player look

After the launch of Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls, the game content supplement plan will bring more game playing methods and all kinds of new free content of world evolution to all players in 2021. Season 2 “ostara” will release its first update in March 2021, which will bring festivals to the settlement, new game modes based on the core combat experience, new equipment and new appearance items.

The first expansion film of Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2021, is “Rage of Druids”. Detailed information will be revealed later.