“Avatar” becomes the world box office champion again

According to the data of cat's eye professional edition, the box office of "Avatar" has exceeded 50.906 million. According to today's real-time exchange rate (6.5084), the cumulative box office of "Avengers 4" (2.797.5 billion US dollars) has surpassed that of "Avengers 4" and returned to the top of the world box office list (Fu Lian 4 is still the world's highest box office premiere film).

In 2019, Avengers 4: the final battle (US $2.797.5 billion) snatched the champion from avatar (US $2.79 billion). In 2021, avatar snatched it back, but the final winner was Disney.

“Avatar” was originally released in 2009 (released in mainland China on January 2, 2010) and re released in mainland China on March 12.