“Baizhantianchong: big melee” plans to launch Xbox switch version within this year

Team 17, the game developer, revealed in its latest initial performance report for 2020 that it will release "bugs: the big fight" on Xbox series XS, Xbox one and switch in 2021.

“Baizhantianchong: big melee” was first released in July 2020, and was released on ps5, PS4 and PC platforms in December last year. There is no round combat in this game. Every round is a real-time fight, and a cross platform online melee across game console and computer is added.

“Baizhantianchong: big melee” is a new series of baizhantianchong, which has never seen before. It allows 32 players to fight in real time in the arena with intense stimulation across platforms. Get ready to start a big melee between the death fight mode and the ultimate Hummer mode. If you are not careful, a holy grenade will lift you up!

While you step by step promote your class, you should properly use all kinds of weapons, such as rocket launcher, shotgun, sheep launcher, etc., which fans can’t put down, as well as new items added in the arsenal, to beat the insect enemies you encounter. Customize your bugs, participate in challenges and seasonal activities, and test new ways to play in the lab. This is a brand-new “baizhantianchong” game based on the original transformation.