“Batman: the knight of Arkham” or an enhanced patch for xsxs

Batman's derivative, Knight Gotham, will go on sale later this year. But if you want to review the old game before that, ROCKSTEADY's Batman: the Arkham Knight might be worth playing. Because this game may bring some enhancements to the new console.

In the UI update blog released by Microsoft, foreign media found the icon of Batman: the knight of Arkham. As shown in the figure above, you can see the Xbox series below the icon

XS enhanced logo. If you log in to your Xbox now, you’ll find it’s no longer there. This may be a “mistake” of Microsoft.

Batman: the knight of Arkham is currently running on the Xbox one at 900p30fps. At present, Xbox one X and Xbox series SX have no enhancement.

ROCKSTEADY, the developer, is busy developing their new book, suicide squad: kill justice alliance, which is scheduled to go on sale in 2022, on PC, ps5 and Xbox series X.