Big data display: millet 6 user preferred millet 10

The most changed millet model of the generation of Shenji Xiaomi 6 users is? Official answer: millet 10.

Today (February 1), Xiaomi mobile official micro blog said that the big data of Xiaomi shows that Xiaomi 10, which has the top configuration of the symmetrical dual speaker MIUI of one year optimization of Shenu Xiaolong 865amoled surface screen, has become the first choice for Xiaomi 6 users with excellent product strength.

Big data display: millet 6 user preferred millet 10

“The ten-year dream work has been subjected to the double verification of market and users. Now, the 10 meters from 3399 yuan, you think you can fight for a few years? “

Big data display: millet 6 user preferred millet 10

Last August, Lei Jun asked on his microblog: “when we look back at the past decade, what do you think Xiaomi has done best?”

Netizens have talked about: “let the Shanzhai machine have no market”, “let us ordinary people also use good mobile phones”, “make Xiaomi 6”, among which “made Xiaomi 6” on Lei Jun this microblog hot comment first.

In 2017, Xiaomi 6 was released because of its balanced product power, which became the “bucket machine” in the hearts of many rice flour, and thus cultivated a large number of “nail households”.

Later, millet 8, millet 9 continued two generations, this batch of users still remain motionless, insist on not changing the machine. And millet 10 finally let nail households heart.

On January 23, Xiaomi officially announced that in 21 days, Xiaomi 11 sold more than 1 million. Meanwhile, the last generation flagship millet 10 price adjustment, the full version of the direct drop of 400 yuan.