“Biochemical crisis 8” PC version light chasing configuration announced needs Rx 6800xt

Biochemical crisis 8 will be on sale on May 7, with a little more than two months to go. Earlier this week, at AMD

At the 6700xt video card announcement, amd announced that it would cooperate with Capcom to add light tracking function and AMD fidelity FX special effects to PC version of biochemical crisis 8.

However, according to AMD’s official website, “biochemical crisis 8” PC version needs an Rx 6800xt graphics card to run its light tracking function smoothly. CPU requirements AMD ryzen 5

1600, but the requirements are relatively low.

Amd official website released no light and light configuration:

No light chasing

Ryzen 5 1600

Graphics card: Rx 5700x


Ryzen 5 1600

Graphics card: 6800xt

It’s not clear whether the special effects of biochemical crisis 8 will support the n-card when it’s on sale. After all, the previous “fall of the gods” is a card optimization game, the PC version of the first time tracking function does not support N card, three months later added support for n card.