Bitcoin’s more than 150 billion fund burst in a month

In the last week, bitcoin prices have been soaring, exceeding $60000 the previous day, 14 times higher than the low-level prices last year, and the market is arguably crazy.

Bitcoin prices also fluctuated very much, and they have been back several times after reaching 60000. Now the price is about $58500, which has fallen a lot compared with the peak.

Bitcoin's more than 150 billion fund burst in a month

Every time bitcoin goes up and down, some people make a lot of money, but there are also huge losses. Many people hype bitcoin with leverage.

According to bithomer, the amount of the online bombings in the past month has reached 24.14 billion US dollars, or about 15.9 billion yuan.

The day on March 15 was especially fierce. Bitcoin price fell from $60000 to $55000, with more than 160000 people exploding, with the amount of nearly 2 billion yuan. Some even failed to return to zero overnight.

Bitcoin is no less than a casino. It is too low for ordinary people to invest or speculate on a profit.

Bill Gates warned before, “those who buy in the bitcoin boom may not have so much free money. So I don’t see TEOS. My overall idea is that if you don’t have as much money as Elon, you should be careful. “

In addition to gates, Charlie Munger, Buffett’s old partner, 97 year old vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, has expressed a negative attitude, suggesting investors don’t buy bitcoin like him.

“I don’t think bitcoin will eventually be the world’s medium of exchange, it’s too volatile to be a good medium of exchange,” Munger said. In fact, it’s a man-made gold substitute, and I never buy gold, so I never buy bitcoin. “