“Black Myth: Wukong” New Year’s greeting notice

Today (February 9) science myth announced the new notice of "black Myth: Wukong" and congratulated you on the new year. I hope you will continue to devote yourself to every ordinary battle with full emotion in the new year. Officials also said the company's recruitment was smooth and the game was under development.

New year notice:

Original of microblog:

“I want to hum a ditty and make a piece of it.

It’s not easy to learn from the Scriptures, but it’s a long way to the West.

Correction and criticism are well intentioned, health first and happiness often.

@Gamescience wish you all continue to fight in every ordinary battle with full emotion in the New Year

From the video, we can see that Wukong is full of fighting spirit and uses all kinds of moves to fight against monsters and boss. The official said the video was specially recorded for the Spring Festival of the year of the ox and had nothing to do with the actual plot of the game.

Video capture: