“Blade of Hell 2” behind the scenes mob figure public actors also participated in《 Project:Mara 》

Today is the birthday of Melina JUERGENS, the actor of "the blade of hell". Ninja theory, the game developer, also sent his blessing. At the same time, he released a picture of "the blade of Hell 2: the sacrifice of seine" behind the scenes.

In addition, according to Ninja theory on its official twitter, Melina JUERGENS has also done some behind the scenes work for their new work project: Mara, which should have played a role in it.

“Blade of Hell 2: the sacrifice of seine” is developed and produced with unreal 5 engine, and will be launched on PC and Xbox platform.

“Project: Mara” is a real world “psychological terror” game. Ninja theory said that they will show the most real fear in people’s mind as accurately as possible based on their real life experience and in-depth research. The details of the sale have not been made public.