Blizzard opens “Diablo 2” remaking pre order page

Today (February 20) Blizzard Store opened the preview page of Diablo 2. "Diablo 2" remake contains DLC "king of destruction", the game will be launched before December 2021, landing PC and all host platforms.

In the Taiwan clothing store, the game itself costs NT $1290 (about 298 yuan), and the source of all things collection version costs NT $1899 (about 439 yuan). In the U.S. service store, the game itself costs $40 (about 258 yuan), and the source of evil collection version costs $60 (about 387 yuan). The source of all evil collection includes the eternal war version of Diablo 3. Players can choose different regional service games, no regional service restrictions.

Blizzard opens

Taifu store address: Click to enter

Blizzard opens

Store address: Click to enter

The remake of Diablo 2 includes four chapters of Diablo 2 and one chapter of the expansion Diablo 2: the king of destruction. The game will also provide new content, including two other new items that can be played, Rune and invisible items of Rune word combination.