Bow girl’s fast-paced adventure

The horizontal action adventure game "black water fantasy" developed by Devbox will be officially launched on March 18. In the game, the player will be able to operate the girl holding the bow and experience an exciting adventure with her grandmother. The game designed 33 kinds of active and passive skills for girl holding bow. Through different ways of combination, it will bring different experience to players.

You can play all kinds of cool moves with just one bow and arrow

Bow girl's fast-paced adventure

As the only weapon of the game character, the use of bow and arrow is the most important of the whole game. Through the battle, the girl constantly unlock new skills. From the beginning, it can only attack normally, to increase the number of bows and arrows and attack speed, to learn to blink and explode, and even cause stun or poison to the enemy.

Bow girl's fast-paced adventure

In the face of different enemies and environments, the right combination of skills will help players more effective clearance. Among them, blinking and blasting are the most frequently used skills. Blinking can help players break through many obstacles, find hidden star rewards, and go to places where they can’t normally go. Blasting not only causes great damage and has a magical effect on specific enemies, but also can be used to open roads blocked by rocks.

Bow girl's fast-paced adventure

33 different active and passive skills are hidden in every corner of the game, waiting for your choice and discovery.

Bow girl's fast-paced adventure

Girls and grannies can operate the bow

Bow girl's fast-paced adventure

In addition to operating the girl holding the bow to carry out a variety of fast-paced operations, the old lady can also operate in a specific environment. Of course, her movement is relatively slow, and she needs to rely on her package and the small mechanism in the map to succeed.

What’s more interesting is the combination operation of the girl and the grandmother. When the girl meets the place where the grandmother can’t pass, she will accumulate force to rotate and then throw the old woman out. Especially when she goes to a high place, how to combine the throwing and blinking is a very test operation. However, in a specific level, throwing and blinking need to be combined quickly in order to successfully complete the breakthrough.

Three kinds of difficulty can be selected to give players different challenges

As a horizontal version of adventure action game, “black water fantasy” provides three different difficulty game options. For ordinary players, choosing simple and ordinary difficulty can provide a fast-paced and challenging game experience. For those who pursue extreme operation, the difficulty is more appropriate. How to combine skills well and how to cooperate with grandma seamlessly will be the place to test players.

At the same time, the skill books and stars hidden in various places are waiting for the players. Of course, you will encounter the elite slim you have never seen in a special corner. It also requires skilled operation and skills to avoid their attacks.

I believe that different players and horizontal version of adventure action game enthusiasts can find fun in “black water fantasy”.