“Boxer 15” Wolf Legend BGM Promo new stage Beach Resort

SNK's latest signature fighting game series "boxing emperor 15" has been confirmed to be on sale in 2021. Today, March 23, the official released the latest BGM propaganda film of the legend of hungry wolf team, adding a new battle stage Beach Resort, let's have a preview.

·”King of boxing 15″ is the latest series of fighting games developed by SNK company of Japan. SNK also claims that “king of boxing 15” will be built with unreal 4 engine, which may also improve the picture. Players familiar with team fighting and many well-known fighters will return, and more new elements such as new dance stage and new roles will be added, which is worth looking forward to.

·The new publicity video released this time brings a new addition to the battle stage Beach Resort. The BGM song matched with it is ride the big wave