“Boxing emperor 15” second level hall red pill notice public instant shadow, tomorrow king, second level hall red pill to form a hero team!

Today (January 28), SNK's new work "quanhuang 15" released the publicity video of the role of "erjietang Hongwan", showing some of the action performance of the role in the new work. It will be on sale in 2021. Please look forward to it.

Preview of the role of “second level hall red pill” in “quanhuang 15”:

The rich son of the Japanese American mixed race. The leg skill of shooting and the effective use of his easily electrified constitution make him a gifted fighter who can control thunder freely. This time, he was asked to take good care of instant shadow and tomorrow king by the semi mandatory entrustment of Cao zaojing, who is also an enemy and friend?

“Instant shadow”, “tomorrow king” and “second level hall red pill” form the [hero team]!

“Quanhuang 15” inherits the traditional “3 on 3” team fighting of quanhuang series. The plot changes brought by the team members are very noteworthy!

The producer once said: they have retained the fighting with a sense of speed in the kunhuang series, and added some elements to make the fight more intense. In terms of pictures and sound effects, the parts that were not reflected in the previous work have also been realized this time. The details of “quanhuang 15” have been improved and put into practice. Although there are some problems in the development, the R & D is generally smooth for the sale in 2021.

Since it came out in 1994, the fight game “king of boxing” series has made the whole world crazy. After the release of “quanhuang 14”, the latest work of the series “quanhuang 15”, which is highly anticipated, was officially released five years later. Please look forward to “king of boxing 15” in the history of the emperor of boxing series to make a deep mark!

SNK’s new work quanhuang 15 will be on sale in 2021. Please look forward to it.



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