British weekly list: old Ren Tu’s “little black spider” falls and “Hades” is on the list

The new week's UK entity game weekly sales list is announced. This list is the week of the old rentu list. Six of the top 10 best-selling games on the list are switch exclusive games. "Marvel spider man: Myers Morales", which was the first on the list last time, came to the third place this time, and "Hades", which has been in hot sales recently and won the game of the year award many times, also came to the seventh place on the list.

That week, the physical version of the independent action game “Hades” was launched on the switch single platform. Although the digital version of the game has been sold on various host platforms for half a year, the physical version sold the seventh place in the sales list in just two days, which shows its popularity.

British weekly list: old Ren Tu's

“GTA 5” is still in the list, ranking fifth this time, ahead of “call of duty 17: the black action cold war” which ranked sixth. In addition to these two games, the only game in the top 10 of Playstation is “my world: dungeons”, ranking 10th, but the sales volume of PS4 only accounts for 9% of the total sales volume.

Top 10 UK physical game weekly sales list

1. Gather! Animal Crossing Society

2. Super Mario 3D world fury world

3. Marvel spider man: Miles Morales

4. Mario racing 8 luxury

5、《GTA 5》

6. Call of duty 17: black action Cold War

7. Hades

8. My world (switch)

9. Super Mario 3D collection

10. My world: Dungeons