“Bubble winter scene” new chapter “peace silent record” officially landed Steam

A new chapter of the visual novel "bubble winter scene", "peace silent record" is launched today. Peace implied record is created by the original team, developed by nekoday, a domestic game developer, and written by famous script maker piangangzhi, which brings you the original youth group AVG.

“Bubble winter view” game noumenon also began to discount today. Discount strength up to 40%, discount only needs 18 yuan, for the small partner still waiting, good opportunity not to miss!

L brand new PV brings you to the history of bubble economy.

The theme music of peace implied record is made by Mingtang music. With the theme of the new PV, let’s see!

The book of peace implied 13 chapters, from the perspective of Liang peace, the new role. Set in Japan in the 1988 bubble economy, it tells about the unknown life of teenage girls living in the gray area. Unlike the “bubble winter view” game noumenon, “peace silent” takes a rather cold tone, and deduces a group of hardcore stories with delicate feelings.

L many industry game producers share their feelings about trial play

We have the honor to invite several game makers in the industry to try “peace implied record” and share their feelings and feel the peace implied record in their eyes.

Braised octopus with wind

The story of silent peace is shocking and sad, and the whole atmosphere is cold, gloomy and gloomy. But in this cold world, there is still a little warmth and light. Although the player is forced to be forced into a character style unpleasant protagonist this is not comfortable, but unconsciously you start to use the protagonist’s perspective to see the world, feeling the protagonist that has been cold of the heart of the slight ups and downs. If you can feel the same experience, it will be a great story.

TPP [one of the producers of the “home and abroad” series]

The oppressive and suffocating lead Black Sea, the lonely and lost the beam of trust in the world, is more dangerous than the waves is the human nature in the background of the story era. More expressive than the body of scene painting, more rich character dynamics, the right music, is worth recommending game experience!

Dunbran [perfect day, Xi producer]

The roller coaster of the times will be on the top. Not everyone should be excited about it. Fate is like gravity, but no one survived.

The party that fell the night before, followed by each other, some people hide in one corner, the crime is flea, they scratch together.

Different from the body of “bubble winter scene”, “peace silent record” has entered another corner of Showa’s party. Let the sea water be deeper and the night will grow longer, and it will always be a beam of light.

Brother in law big black hand [series producer of “three color painting love”

Invited by the old Lok, he received the package of the trial version of peace implied record, and said to give some feedback.

And then I finished.

After all, it is a trial game, only the first four chapters, the content is not much.

I sent news to Guli in the middle of the night.

He said you don’t blow, just comment.

I said, shock.

The play of pianoka is as usual.

The background is detailed, the text is compact and the information is large.

A movement then wrote the hero, a “suggestion” to him in the engraved three points.

The performance at the beginning was excellent, and it was matched with the cold writing of the script,

It is especially suitable for the example of how to make the atmosphere of serious subject serious.

Of course, there are some cool skills, after all, old 2B.

In the paragraphs of the Black Sea mirror, Mr. Zhongjiang has a driving section, and the fourth chapter is the shift of visual focus of two characters,

These scenes are very thoughtful, there are many things.

The story has not yet been unfolded, but the paved ones are better, and are eager for the follow-up nature.

When city and state are full of bubbles, what is the weight of human nature?

Looking up, the two hours disappeared.

A little scared, sweating and sleeping.

Windshaos [producer of love and love Qitan]

The “bubble winter scene: silent peace” is not just a DLC, but it can be seen from the experience version of Nekoday’s ambition in the future. From the content of the experience version, the traditional gal style background pattern is abandoned, but the visual novel is used to present the whole story. The first performance gives people a sense of watching the Japanese ova animation in the 1980s, and then it takes the players into the Zhaohe era of paper fans’ gold intoxication. Although it is a new character, Liang is described in a few chapters, and explains the relationship between Liang and the original character, and the script appears to be more competent. The end of the experience version is in boy

The bridge of meets girl, the imaginative performance is impressive and it also makes people look forward to the development of the following stories.

New island Eve [writer of summer pockets]

I was invited to experience the latest content of nikoday, peace implied.

From the beginning of the content molding, the hero beam and the image of each supporting role have been solid and vivid. The most interesting of them is Liang, whose core is Japanese, whose appearance (name) is “Chinese”; the early seedling of “Japanese” seems to be a “Chinese man” in fact.

This setting of “Yuwei” plays an important role in the story atmosphere.

What will they end up with

rub one’s eyes and wait.

Beiying purple [baldr sky series writer]

Solid writing, concise performance, excellent art quality and overwhelming music baking together create this unique work atmosphere.

It is quite common for us to imagine that the background of Japan’s bubble economy in the late 80s is now “unconventional”, which we can hardly imagine.

I like this delicate feeling that is parasitic on reality but is already a fantasy for today.

Here sincerely waiting for the official version to be launched!