Byte jumping into the chip track self developed cloud AI and arm server chip

Today (March 16), according to the media semiconductor industry observation report, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that byte beat is developing its own cloud AI chip and arm server chip.

According to the report, it is also the mainstream way for Internet enterprises to enter the chip market by choosing to lay out the chip field from cloud AI chip and arm server chip. For Internet companies, to join the competition of server chips, on the one hand, it can reduce the dependence on third-party supply, on the other hand, self-developed chips can reduce costs.

Byte jumping into the chip track self developed cloud AI and arm server chip

Combined with the situation of byte beating, choosing arm architecture to layout the server chip field is not only in line with the current market trend, but also conducive to the long-term development of the company.

Before, Internet companies used to use the third party to supply the chips they need, but in terms of the current market situation, the shortage situation will appear in the market from time to time. For example, GPUs are continuously out of stock now, which may affect the supply of cloud market. Therefore, the self-developed chip may give them more initiative in the face of shortage.

A series of bans issued by the United States on the development of China’s semiconductor industry have also greatly promoted the prosperity of China’s domestic semiconductor enterprises, which may also bring some inspiration to China’s domestic semiconductor enterprises, so that they can participate in the localization of the track.

Previously, public information in the market showed that byte beat is actively building AI chip teams. At present, there are many chip related positions on major recruitment platforms. In this regard, the relevant person in charge said: it is to set up a relevant team and do some exploration in the field of AI chip.