Can domestic GPU be used for bitcoin mining? Jing Jiawei responded: not at present

In recent months, the mining card market is almost crazy. In the Q4 financial report issued by yingweida, GPU game business has risen 67, with revenue of 2.5 billion US dollars, and a large part of which is RTX

The 30 graphics card was bought by the miners to dig. There is no specific data on AMD, but the proportion of graphics cards used for mining is not small.

Can domestic GPU be used for bitcoin mining? Jing Jiawei responded: not at present

Now, AMD, yingweida and other GPU companies make a lot of profits by mining market. Is there any possibility that domestic GPU companies can share a share? Some people have asked Changsha jingjiawei company on the interactive platform whether their GPU chips can be used for bitcoin mining.

Can domestic GPU be used for bitcoin mining? Jing Jiawei responded: not at present

Jingjiawei said its products are not available for bitcoin machines at present. Whether the company’s products will be applied to bitcoin mining machines in the future depends on the performance and demand after product development.

Jingjiawei was founded in April, 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 301 million, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-reliability electronic products. The products mainly involve the field of graphic display and control, the field of small-scale specialized radar, the field of chip and other fields.

The company previously revealed that the company’s new generation GPU chips are currently in the back-end design, and subsequent progress will be disclosed in regular reports.

Jingjiawei currently has two series JM5 and jm7, of which jm5400 series has been applied to domestic military aircraft, replacing amdati products, while jm7200 series adopts 28nm process, with performance consistent with the gt of NVIDIA

640 video card is similar, but the overall power consumption is less than 10W, which is much lower than the latter’s 50W TDP, and has already obtained some orders.

The next generation of GPU is jm9 series. Previously, Jing Jiawei mentioned in the report that jm9 series GPU will be replaced with a unified rendering architecture and increase the number of programmable computing modules, which will be connected with the main trend of current graphics card.

According to the official specifications, jm9231 can achieve the mid and low-end product level in 2016, while the core frequency of jm9271 is no less than 1.8GHz, supporting PCIe 4.0

X16, with 16GB HBM memory, 512gbs bandwidth, floating-point performance up to 8tflops, performance no less than GTX 1080, can reach the level of high-end video card at the end of 2017.