Cancelled “command and conquer” FPS derivative game all demo

Command and Conquest: Tiberium is a sequel to EA's command and Conquest: treason. It's a tactical FPS game set in the command and conquest universe. But EA canceled the game in 2008 because it didn't meet EA's quality standards.

“EA has now cancelled the development of Tiberias,” EA said in 2008. This game does not meet the needs of the development team and EA games


Label’s high standard demand and low-quality games are not in the interests of consumers and will not succeed in the market. “

The plot of the game revolves around the perspective of a GDI commander, describing the constant invasion of the Sikkim. At that time, the game was developed with the Unreal 3 engine.

Recently, Neo gamer, a tubing blogger, shared all the demo clips of the canceled game, giving players a glimpse of the FPS derivative of command and conquer.

Demo video:

Considering that RTS games are not popular on the market, EA will not return the “command and conquer” series to the stage of history in the near future.