“Cannon casting Simulator” launched

Recently, the cannon foundry simulator

Simulator) on steam platform. In the game, players will run cannons foundry, starting from the most primitive medieval cannons.

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“Cannon casting Simulator” is a sandbox construction simulation game, by orbital

Fireworks development release. Players want to make cannon, first determine the size, choose the appropriate shape and specifications. After the size is selected, the shape and length of the barrel should be determined. Pay attention to the size of the barrel and the thickness of the wall.

Choose decorations and inscriptions, and decide which material to use to make the cannon. After making the cannon, we need to build the gun frame to load the gun body. Then test your work, its accuracy and range, how much gunpowder can be loaded (as well as the speed of fire, etc.), the killing effect, etc., will affect the price of finished products. If satisfied, the king and generals will be happy to buy your cannon.

Game screenshot: