CEO of take 2 talks about 2077: developers should be as perfect as possible

Take Two CEO Strauss

Zelnick says developers should always wait for perfection, if possible, rather than launch a game too early.

CEO of take 2 talks about 2077: developers should be as perfect as possible

In a recent investor finance conference call, the CEO was asked about the speed and sustainability of the current 3A game development. The investor also directly quoted cdpr’s “cyberpunk 2077”, which did not reach the level of publicity when it was released, especially on previous generation hosts.

Investor: “I think there is a debate in the industry about the development speed and sustainability of 3A games. I think both the launch of games and instant services are becoming more and more arms race. Recently, there has been a highly anticipated competitive game, which I think is an obvious example of the studio going beyond its ability. “

Zelnick: “but I think the case you mentioned reflects the fact that if you can create perfection, it’s always better to wait for perfection. All our brands are in pursuit of perfection. We don’t always succeed, sometimes we fail. But that’s our goal, to make us sharper, more disciplined and more hardworking.

Therefore, R star continues to be the “GTA”

OL and wild escort ol have new content, which is very good. But what they’re putting out is what they really believe, what they’re passionate about, and of the highest quality. That means we don’t have a weekly rhythm, which means we don’t know the exact release date. But what we know is that we will wait for it to reach its perfection. “