China Mobile purchased 3.3 million Xiaomi redmi k40pro mobile phones

Since the launch of redmi K40 series, with its competitive price since 1999 yuan and the configuration of the same level without short board, many consumers have been scrambling to buy it. Every round of sale is almost sold out in seconds.

Even with the help of family and friends, “rice noodles” still can’t be snatched after several rounds, which shows that redmi K40 series is very popular.

China Mobile purchased 3.3 million Xiaomi redmi k40pro mobile phones

According to official data, the first sale of K40 series took only five minutes, and the sales volume exceeded 300000 units.

China Mobile purchased 3.3 million Xiaomi redmi k40pro mobile phones

Recently, some netizens found a purchase announcement of China Mobile on China Mobile’s purchase and bidding website.

According to the announcement, China Mobile purchased 3.3 million mobile phones from Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., including nine Xiaomi mobile phones, including redmi K40 public version, redmi K40 equity version and redmi K40 Pro public version.

After the announcement came to light, some netizens joked that the reason why redmi K40 was difficult to grab had been found, and the list was too large.

It is reported that the redmi K40 series includes three models, namely redmi K40, redmi K40 pro and redmi K40 pro, which has not yet been released.

With full blood lpddr5ufs 3.1 flash memory, snapdragon 870 and snapdragon 888, redmi K40 series can be called the flagship “welding doorman” of 2021.

In terms of imaging, K40 is equipped with 48 million imx582 main camera, 8 million ultra wide angle and 5 million pixel long focus macro camera, while K40 Pro has the same lens parameters as the former except that the main camera is upgraded to 64 million imx686.

This time, redmi K40 series all use Samsung E4 light-emitting material AMOLED screen, and support 120Hz high refresh rate and 360hz touch sampling rate.

Not only that, the whole series of Dolby panoramic sound dual speakers, X-axis linear motor, NFC, infrared and other functions are also available.

For the new generation of redmi K40 series, some netizens commented that there was no “beggar version” of the three new machines, and all the configurations were full.