“Civilization VI” free February game update now available

Ferraxis today announced that the February update of civilization VI has been launched. Game updates will be provided to all civilized VI players, with balanced adjustment, update changes, and new features such as new scenes, new game models or new custom projects. This month's update includes the optional "barbarian clan" new game model *, leader selection pool, and many balance adjustments and additional changes based on player opinion.

“Barbarian clan” is a new optional game mode, which completely changes the interaction between players and barbarians. The development team directly referred to the opinions of the players, and expanded the game playing methods related to barbarians, and there was no longer only the standard “kill or be killed” option. This model brings six “barbarians” found in the same or adjacent areas according to different map environments, each of which is specialized in different types of units. Each turn of clan will accumulate the progress of city state transformation; players will be able to promote or block their progress.

When the clan is dispersed, it will be completely eradicated from the map, while the choice of sweeping clan will obtain gold coins and reduce the progress of the clan’s transformation to a city state. Players can prevent clans from attacking their cities by bribery, or they can hire clans to incorporate their strongest units into their own army. Units held by the clan can pay ransom to retrieve them. Of course, players can also spend gold coins to incite the clan and let them attack another civilization. These friendly and interactive transactions will accelerate the progress of clan city state transformation.

February updates also introduced “leader selection pools” similar to natural wonders and city state selectors. This feature allows players to customize the leader pool that can be used in the game. Think Tula is so aggressive? Or do you want to play with leaders you’ve never played before? Now with the “leader selection pool”, all this can be achieved!

Finally, the February update has made some new adjustments to AI and balance. The development team directly referred to the opinions of the players. Most of the AI adjustments are related to air units and air combat, so that computer opponents will use air defense force more often and launch air strikes more often. The development team also changed some policy slots that can be selected by specific regimes, which more accurately reflects the style of these regimes in the real world and more in line with the game style that players expected when they choose them. The development team also rebalanced some of the natural wonders and added additional text to the description of natural wonders; many players may be happy to learn that Dover cliff now offers three gold coins, 3 points of cultural value and 2 food.

February game update is only one of the many free updates in the overall content planning of civilization VI, and it is provided to any player who owns civilization VI.

*Any player with civilization VI can play the game mode of “barbarian clan”. The specific balance adjustment is only applicable to the contents of “rise and fall” or “changing circumstances” DLC.