Cold space light weapons? NONONO! A detailed inventory of weapons in the flesh and blood border [Issue 1]

From January 28 to January 31, 2021, the space shooting game "border" started load testing. The following is the original content of forum player wt84103:

Border is really smart and has chosen a very good subject.

Cold space light weapons? NONONO! A detailed inventory of weapons in the flesh and blood border [Issue 1]

Yesterday, I tested to today, I also saw a lot of players in the three major groups of players discussed, so I want to specifically say something. It’s mainly about firearms in the game, and some of the questions you have in question about light weapons. I am a light weapons enthusiast personally. Although there are not many weapons available in the border, I still think it is very potential to dig. Today, I have revisited the trailer. We will start with the trailer, the details of guns in the game of August 8. After tonight’s opening, I will give a detailed analysis of the guns that I can experience in the game at present.

Cold space light weapons? NONONO! A detailed inventory of weapons in the flesh and blood border [Issue 1]

First, answer many white players’ questions about why they can shoot in space. The weapons we can see in game works are generally divided into two types: Energy Weapons (laser guns, plasma beams, and so on) and gunpowder weapons (most common),

Cold space light weapons? NONONO! A detailed inventory of weapons in the flesh and blood border [Issue 1]

The main kinetic energy of the weapons in the frontier is mainly gunpowder weapons. Although it has been packaged with a little science fiction, it is still consistent with the weapons on the earth. The bullet in the gun is divided into two parts: shell and warhead. When the warhead is pressed into the shell, the shell is filled with gunpowder, and there must be air between the particle gaps of gunpowder. Therefore, this is why many weapons, including AK, can be launched in underwater and cosmological space. For those who don’t know about light weapons, you can no longer worry about the problem of shooting in this vacuum environment. In vacuum environment, it will be easier and faster to change ammunition.

We can take a look at the trailer on steam

Here is a very obvious action: when the bolt is pulled, there will be a mechanical operation of the gun machine. Because the empty shell that has been shot in the magazine ejects the magazine under the action of shell throwing hook and shell throwing collar, and the next bullet is loaded into the state to be shot. This is the typical modern bolt rifle operation mode. In the future, science fiction exaggerates that it can have such a sophisticated action, so it has to say full details. At the same time, the guide rail above the gun body and the upper guide rail of many weapons currently in service are identical in shape, and the production team has taken great efforts.

Keep looking down

This drum, like Victor, is seen here. It is reasonable to design a similar closed structure at the connection between the drum and the barrel.

The space AK in the figure below is very simple and rough, very Soviet.

The second half of the trailer is basically about the contents of actual combat and scene destruction, but the scene damage was not obvious in yesterday’s test, and the impact on the fight was relatively small, and the map also had edge restrictions. If there are any tests in the future, I hope to experience more about scene destruction, or the production team can consider expanding the map edge, so that players without game experience can freely explore the edge of the universe, float in space and protect their short life.

As an FPS and light weapons enthusiast, I usually don’t play domestic FPS. What I have played in my impression is the novice tutorial of bright memory and peace elite. Of course, hand travel has no reference value and the quality of the game you know. At present, many people have labeled “border” as the light of domestic FPS, I think it is too early. In fact, there are space wars and fighting outside the ground as early as the third part of COD black operation. The scale is larger than the border, and the impression is on the space station and other scenes. So in fact, the border is a little shadow of COD12. I don’t know if the producer is influenced by COD, but as long as the game is enough fun, the reference part is the essence instead of the dross.

For more, please pay attention to the border

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