Content update roadmap of Marvel Avengers in 2021 announced

Crystal dynamics, a game studio, today released its content update roadmap for its work "the Avengers of Marvel" in 2021.

After the lessons from the previous problems, crystal

Content update roadmap of Marvel Avengers in 2021 announced

Dynamics announced their content roadmap for 2021. Although there are many details, this is not the whole plan of this year.

Developers are currently focused on presenting new content that will give players better rewards for their games and repeated games. Next, they still have more content to present, to expand the Avengers alliance, players will have to take on more choices. Developers said the content of the roadmap will change based on the progress of this year’s development work, but they are confident that it will be completed.

For the abnormal events of kuaizi, the future kuaizi cleft task will appear more frequently, and the energy level will be expanded to 1-100, so that more players can join in to experience the task and get exclusive rewards.

The Hulk player can play one or more of the four Avengers in the same game.

“Take over the red house” will provide a new harm room with new content and new clothing.

Monica has become the top science officer of her villain department. There will be a new battle. Players need to fight against the unseen power of the cosmic cube.

“Wasteland Patrol” is a new patrol mode task type. Players need to explore the largest theater, complete the task and get rewards that are not limited by the task. In this mode, they can explore everything they want.

During the digital conference of skowell Enix, marvel Avengers announced that Panther will join the work in 2021. There are also new villain Ulysses Crowe, new rival faction vacanda jungle tribe, new outposts and new energy level cap increases, as well as a lot of new content. This will be the biggest content update since the launch.


Dynamics is currently adjusting the combat, equipment and matching system of the game. In the future, there will be multiple patches and multiple functions, such as using the d-pad control function in the menu.

The Omega threat mission is under development, although you already know it. Manufacturers are looking for problems, bugs and anything they can find before the launch. They are also developing upgraded content, new equipment and new multiplayer game content after level 50.

Marvel Avengers is now available on PC, PS4, ps5, Xbox one and Xbox series XS platforms.