“Control” developers continue to cooperate with epic in the development of five games

Game developer remedy entertainment unveiled the mystery of their next game, with five of them being produced.

“Control” has sold more than 2 million copies since its release, but the work is still not a big hit in the industry, and he believes that the major success of the game should be to be able to get on the global bestseller list and keep it for a long time, remeddy CEO said in an interview with GameIndustry. Still, control has brought a huge profit to remedy, and the year 2020, which has not released any games, has become their best fiscal year.

In this interview, tero virtala briefly described the work being done by the four teams.

What we know is crossfire x, which will be available this year. There is vanguard, which will bring free online game experience for players.

What we don’t know about is three projects: a new game developed by the control team, and two projects from another team that are not publicly available to hosts and PCs.

There is no more information about the new work developed by the control team, which GameIndustry believes is remedy’s next major game.

The other two open projects are funded by Epic (epic is releasing games from developers such as Gen design and playread). One of these two projects will provide “a complete 3A experience” and the other is a smaller game, which is set in the same cosmic view background.

It is unclear whether the same cosmic background here is related to the “remady game universe” in “mind killer” and “control”.

“Through our projects with epic, we want players to spend more time in the game world,” said tero virtala. We will have more opportunities to explore the world and brands than a game. “