“Courage implied record 2” characteristic system information: experience the game of fighting card in the game

Today (February 23), the South dream palace of the Wandai has released the second intelligence bomb of the characteristic system of "courage implied record 2". In the game of "courage implied record 2", in addition to looking for the main plot of four crystals, there are many new elements that can be studied, such as a number of branch tasks and the unique small game barge card.
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The most popular card games in the mainland of arcrand can be composed of six cards. The card types include monster cards that can occupy the territory, as well as “professional cards” and “character cards” with special effects. The rules are also very simple. Two players will turn out six cards, and finally win the people who occupy more territory. In the current open download experience version of “final demo”, you can play through the main line plot!

The background of “Revelation of courage 2” is set as “the continent of akhirante, which is divided into five countries”. Schaeffer, a young sailor, Gloria, the princess of muser, who is in a desperate situation because the crystal is taken away, Elvis, who travels to read a magic guide book, and Adela, a mercenary, who works with Elvis. In order to fulfill their respective missions and goals, the four people who met at the meeting set foot on the journey together. The brilliance of the four crystals will guide the new generation of light fighters.

The Chinese version of the switch “courage implied 2” is expected to be available on February 26, 2021.