Crazy Rabbit official twitter renamed “Mario Crazy Rabbit” or a sequel?

Mario Crazy Rabbit: the Kingdom war is a round game officially launched by Nintendo and ubite in june2017. The work combines Mario of Nintendo and ubite's Crazy Rabbit, telling the story of two famous game characters working together to save the mushroom kingdom.

We have not heard of the Mario Crazy Rabbit sequel since the first generation was launched. But recently, we found that ubite Crazy Rabbit twitter account quietly changed its name from the original “@rabbidofficial” to “@mariorabbis”. The account has not released any tweets since August 2020. This led to a lot of fans guessing that this is one of the proof that the game is about to launch a sequel.

Crazy Rabbit official twitter renamed

Previously we have reported that ubimilan has hired 3D animators for 3A new work, which officially launched the Mario Crazy Rabbit: Kingdom war team with Nintendo.

Crazy Rabbit official twitter renamed

But it’s not uncommon for ubie to change its social account name a few years after the game is released, which is really strange. But whether the game will launch new works remains to be seen, and it is unknown until ubite and Nintendo officially announce.